I tested "Free Turbo Vpn with Premium Turbo Vpn"

Free VPN or Premium VPN, which is better? I have tested the turbo vpn to know which is better. Watch the video to watch the live speed test.

I have tested them using-

  • 4Mbps wifi
  • Same device
  • Same wifi channel
  • Ookla speed tester 
Free Vpn results-

  • Download Speed - 1.87Mbps
  • Upload Speed - 3.82Mbps
Premium Vpn results-
  • Download Speed - 3.46Mbps
  • Upload Speed - 3.39Mbps
I tried 7days free trial while testing the premium servers.

Though the upload speed of premium vpn was slower but the overall speed in premium vpn was faster than the free vpn.

So, If you want to upgrade you should upgrade it.


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